songs from south to north

nordic and latin american choral music

The Oikos Ensamble was founded in 2013, in Montevideo - Uruguay, by Maite Rodríguez, with the purpose of exploring the 20th and 21st centuries a cappella choral music - both sacred and secular - from Latin American and European composers with particular interest in Nordic music.

Our intention is to create a space for musical expression and growth, that promotes and approaches choral music of different audiences.

Our work implies a social statement that arises from the strong conviction that an artistic and sensitive proposal is necessary, and that contemplative, reflective and deep listening spaces are vital elements for the integral development of people.

A nice group that makes good music, what else could you ask for? 

An authentic, excellent and unique ensemble of voices, harmony, repertoire. and musicality!

A caress to the soul 

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where to listen to us

Are you looking for a group to perform choral pieces at your event? Maybe you have a company reception, a wedding or other type of celebration coming up and you want to surprise your guests with a musical piece? Ensamble Oikos is a versatile choir that offers smaller group of performers or the entire choir.

 For the 2019 season we are working on a project where choral music is a part of an integral multi-sensory musical proposal: scenic, visual, literary and sonorous.