Our relationship with nature comes from the selection of the repertoire. What moves and provides inspiration to create the poetry and works of most Nordic compositions is nature.


Nordic texts talk about the woods and the beings or creatures that inhabit them. They describe subtle atmospheres, perfumes, sounds of the wind that whispers through the branches, the changes of light, the experience of dusk… together with musicians who, with great sensitivity, evoke these atmospheres and turn them into sound.


This starting point has turned our attention towards nature, and not in vain do we generally choose green and spacious locations to work intensively from time to time. In these encounters not only do we rehearse, but also broaden our perception, and our listening skills.

oikos & nature

A natural scenery prepares you for a different kind of perception. A subtle but meaningful change occurs in the way the show is lived, where the audience and the interpreters are immersed in the same experience which generates a close relationship between them, making everyone more present and contemplative.

As singers, we are not only making music, but also reacting to a specific space, to the feeling of the soil and its irregularities beneath our feet, the temperature and humidity that affect the reverberation of sound, the scents of nature, the sounds of the ecosystem that, in an unconscious way, mix, nurturing and affecting our interpretation and expressivity.

This was our experience singing in Quinta Vaz Ferreira, where both the audience and us were able to access a state of profound listening, of communion: the synchronicity of our singing with the birds and the audience, making and being music together with us. Live music, a bit more “alive” than usual.

Yesterday I went to listen to Oikos and I left as if floating in the air. In addition the place seemed to move to another world.

Outdoors, feels like another kind of magic. Beautiful!